Angels and VCs: How Much Money Would I Have Made If I…

Invested in Facebook’s series A.

Invested in Uber’s seed round.

Invested in AirBnB.

You get the point.

A simple calculator, driven by data from Crunchbase / AngelList, that allows an investor to put a dollar amount and a round in, and see how much they would have made if they put X money in at a specific time in the past.

What would be needed:

  1. Valuation data & capital raised per company, per round

Of course, such a tool would simply make investors mad they missed that home run opportunity and missed out on millions of dollars. But, I would bet money they’d use it and there is no doubt investors are a valuable audience to capture. I’m guessing one or more of the VC firms have such a tool internally.

The same basic calculator could allow you to input or select your own comps, and then come up with a worst, best, and expected investor outcome for a specific amount of dollars, for a startup raising money right now.

I doubt this idea is a viable long term business, but seems like a really useful tool that would be great for a tech blog such as TechCrunch to build (or buy).

PS: I’m trying to create such a spreadsheet right now to show to some angel investors for Horizon (with future comps of potential outcomes) – so if this exists already, please do let me know.