Rent a Puppy

A Rent-a-Puppy service is a business we always joked about starting in college.  A sunny day at Green Lake in Seattle, and you could have a booming business.  The basic premise was guys could rent a cute puppy as an icebreaker to meet girls.

Your Rent-a-Puppy service could set up shop near parks and popular walking trails and gathering spots.  You’d charge by the hour and by the size of the dog.

Customers would agree not to leave a certain radius with the pup.

There are obviously some major flaws in this plan and I’m sure PETA would throw a fit.  For example how do you keep the animals safe from creeps, where do they live when they’re not working, and how much play time is too much?

But no business is without challenges, so maybe some enterprising animal lover could make it happen.

To get “inventory”, maybe you could partner with local breeders and share the fees with them.  Or work with the Humane Society to promote exposure and encourage adoptions.  Expand to more locations through strategic franchising.

From a customer standpoint, it would be a unique opportunity to play with a lovable pup without the 10-14 year commitment of dog ownership.

What do you think? Would people be willing to pay for an afternoon of puppy love?