Premium Web Hosting Solution

It seems that everyday I see someone looking for a new website host that’s reliable. Witness the Tweet I just saw:

It might be time to find a new place to host… Anyone with recommendations for a top notch dedicated managed hosting company (or cloud)?

To me, that means there is an opportunity for someone to enter the web hosting market and fill a void that no one is filling adequately now.

Why doesn’t someone charge MORE money than web hosts like Dreamhost, Bluehost, ZippyKid, and GoDaddy are charging now, build the service right, ensure backups are done right, keep servers online no matter what at speeds unmatched by anyone else, provide great customer service 24/7, and dominate the market?

Oh yea. That execution thing.

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Drew Meyers is the co-founder of Horizon, a private couchsurfing app enabling you to stay with someone you trust on your next trip. He worked for from September of 2005 to January of 2010 on the marketing team managing Zillow’s API program and various online partnerships. Founder and managing editor of Geek Estate Blog, a multi-author blog focused on real estate technology for real estate professionals, and, a blog devoted to exploring the world of microfinance. He is passionate about traveling..currently in Seattle.
  • Keith Mander

    Rackspace? There are a number of premium hosts out there.

    • Brandon Matson

      I have had zero problems with bluehost. i have all the functionality i need from a multi site wordpress install to an easy to use and navigate user interface.

      • Drew Meyers

        When VR was on bluehost, there were certainly problems with the host.

    • Drew Meyers

      maybe a more decently priced premium host? not sure. it seems like I hear the question of who to host with way too often (and it’s always stems from problems with their current host) for there to not be an opportunity for someone.