A Sports Bar in City X

The Fours new restaurant in Norwell, Boston

Every city with a decent expat population and a thriving tourist scene needs a really good sports bar, at least in my opinion. But I’m still amazed at how few places seem to have one. Whether it be college football, NBA, rugby, soccer, or Major League Baseball — chances are good every guy (I’m guessing most of those reading this are guys) loves some sort of sports. Meaning the market is there.

As a guy who is not a sports fanatic, but definitely a fan — I still want to watch all the big games no matter where in the world I am. However, I found no venue to watch the march madness final live in Chiang Mai a month ago. In Siem Reap, there was only one bar playing the super bowl live at 6 am (the bar was packed).

Of course, the business idea here is to open a killer sports bar in whatever city you want to live in — and provide a great sporting experience for expats, tourists, and locals alike.

What’s needed for a killer sports bar?

  • TVs
  • TVs
  • More TVs
  • Comfortable seating
  • Satellite Cable — access to live events all over the globe. You need the ability to play multiple games at the same time as well (I know some satellite services don’t allow this). Make sure American football, baseball, college basketball,
  • Willingness to open your place at extremely odd hours to play large sporting events such as the super bowl and the NCAA final LIVE

If you like watching sports, what’s not to love about this business idea?

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