A “BETTER” Social Network IS Possible

From Fred Wilson’s The Next Generation post:

Another eighth grader said he wanted to build a better social network, one that was based on the things that interested him and one that would connect him with kids around the world that were interested in the same things.

I have to agree that a BETTER social network is possible. Heck, anything – except defying gravity – is possible. Like this eighth grader Fred mentions, I desire a network that connects me with like minded individuals all across the globe. I want a network that identifies people who share my same interests, values, and habits (microfinance, social entrepreneurship, web, travel, non materialistic, etc) — no matter where they are located in the world. I want a network that knows where I am in the world (being the traveler that I am). I want a network that recommends very specific people who I should reach out to when I get to my next location. The PERFECT social network would identify potential “best”/”great” friends. All WITHOUT making me spend any time scouring the web for people to meet. I’m certainly more than willing to do some research, write them a custom request, etc. But finding the people who I know I will relate to in the first place is a hugely time consuming process right now. They are certainly out there, there’s just no central spot to find them — instead they are scattered on niche sites all across the web. Facebook helps me keep in touch with the people I already know, but it doesn’t help me meet new people.

Yes, competing with Facebook to build a better social network isn’t going to be easy. Then again, nothing worth doing is easy. Facebook’s shelf life isn’t going to be infinity — eventually another social network will come along and capture the crowd the same way Facebook did a few years ago. You just have to figure out how to be that social network…

What does a BETTER social network entail to you?

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