Angel List for WordPress Freelancers

WordPress is a massive, massive ecosystem of designers, developers, themes, plugins, and expanding by the day. I’ve got a problem. I have a freelance WordPress gig for someone. But I’ve been burned in the past.

freelance-web-developerWho to trust?

Who has done good work for my friends? Of those, who is currently open to taking projects? What types of specific projects have they done? Have they done plugins? In which industries do they have domain knowledge?

Build a  platform similar to Angel List for freelancers. Allow freelancers to tag the people and businesses they have worked with.

Why it Makes Sense:

  • It’s needed immediately prior to individuals and companies spending a large amount of money – so can be monetized.
  • Both the supply side and demand side have incentive to tag those they’ve worked with.
  • It shouldn’t be hard to find a freelancer to build this on the cheap in exchange for an equity position.
  • Don’t need to prove the market need – IMO

In fact, the same opportunity is sitting out there for web freelancers in general (not just specific to WordPress). There is no good solution right now to address the two biggest pain points for those looking for freelancers to work on their development projects.

Frankly, I’m surprised an opportunity like this – which is clearly clearly known by multiple developers – has not been solved by someone tired of dealing with the issue and who has the chops to build it.

Any takers?