Premium Web Hosting Solution

It seems that everyday I see someone looking for a new website host that’s reliable. Witness the Tweet I just saw:

It might be time to find a new place to host… Anyone with recommendations for a top notch dedicated managed hosting company (or cloud)?

To me, that means there is an opportunity for someone to enter the web hosting market and fill a void that no one is filling adequately now.

Why doesn’t someone charge MORE money than web hosts like Dreamhost, Bluehost, ZippyKid, and GoDaddy are charging now, build the service right, ensure backups are done right, keep servers online no matter what at speeds unmatched by anyone else, provide great customer service 24/7, and dominate the market?

Oh yea. That execution thing.

Traveler’s Electronics Delivery Service

Every traveler carries a vast array of electronics with them — and they spend a lot of money on those electronics. Some of those gadgets aren’t readily available abroad (like Kindle’s), or are vastly more expensive due to taxes on goods imported. Why doesn’t someone start a business where by they use the network of global travelers leaving for trips to deliver needed electronics to travelers already abroad?

You’d have to build an intricate delivery system that allows travelers to meet in person for the delivery, or use hostels or some other local business as a drop-off/pick up destination.

For example, I’d happily deliver a Kindle from the states to someone in Asia/Africa/Europe/etc if I was on my way there anyway and it wasn’t out of my way to deliver the Kindle — particularly if I got a small delivery fee, or a discount on some other electronics equipment in return.

Would you use the service to buy electronics? And actually, the more I think about it, the more I think it wouldn’t even have to be limited to electronics — it could be anything such as a special shampoo, medication, an important document, etc.

What do you think? Good idea or crap?